So far, the world has only been allowed 24 beautiful Aston Martin Vulcan. Before you run off and complain to Aston Martin for not allowing any more of these beasts on the road, you should also know that not only are they very limited production - but they are also only allowed to drive on race tracks. Sigh. Before we get into the rest of the details, you should know this isn't something that only Aston Martin does - it is actually also quite familiar to the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and many other sportscar manufacturers.

Enter, the RML Group. A "High performance engineering" company, located in Aston's own homeland (That's the UK, btw). The RML group is known for developing some of the world's wildest professional race cars - both for LMP- and GT-classes - as well as many prototype race cars like the Nissan ZEOD RC.

The RML Group decided it was a shame to not have the Vulcan burbling around the small, quaint cities of England, and took it into their own hands to rebuild this 7,0 Liter V12 monster, producing a mindblowing 820 HP (611 kW; 831 PS) a monumental 590 lb⋅ft (800 N⋅m) of tourqe. With permission from Aston Martin, they made slight changes to the body of the Vulcan, protecting some of the more pertruding parts-like the tail lights-from smartphone addicts unaware of their surroundings, as well as blinkers and mirrors to indicate that you're seriously road legal. Apparently it needed headlights, too.

Take a look at the street legal Aston Martin Vulcan, fixed up by the RML group here:

So what does it cost? Well unfortunately the RML Group wasn't quite willing to provide a price estimate - but if you're already in the market for a Vulcan, it most likely doesn't matter, as the standard Vulcan costs a whopping 2.300.000 USD.