Yes, that Fisker. I think this when we break out the jokes about Karma being something...I digress.

“Helping save the planet can be both exciting and beautiful.”
Henrik Fisker, Founder & CEO

Returning in an electrifying storm of triumphant fury to CES 2018, reports are flying of a "minimum" 400-mile range (143kWh battery), top speed of 161mph, and a launch by end of year 2019. All wrapped up neatly into a four-(dihedral)-door package with a starting sticker of $129.900 USD. Sounding like a nifty package?

Well, it gets nerdier.

Mr. Fisker didn't want to bring anything back to market if it wasn't going to push the envelope (we consider him something like the Horacio Pagani of EV), and the EMotion is no different. Yes, the powerpack is still lithium ion, but it's new, improved and better than ever! Patents were file, ideas were protected, and no one understands most of it. The highlights we do understand are that the material that holds the energy is 2.5 times as dense as typical Li batteries, lending itself to faster charge times, (125mi range with only 9 minutes on the charger), and greater range overall. Affectionately labeled a "solid-state" battery, it's expected to be rolling into the auto market in 2023.

“What we have done is we have packaged them (battery cells) in a new way, in a unique, proprietary battery module, where we have created a new cooling system. What it does is allow for us to probably have the most energy dense battery pack in the world because we have been able to put these cells very close together and still be to cool them very efficiently.”
Henrik Fisker

Oh, and by the way, it has a LIDAR system. The geekery never seems to end when it comes to saving the planet! Look out Elon Musk...