Luxury. A condition of abundance or great ease and comfort. That seems like the perfect definition of the latest in land-yacht concepts from the German automaker Mercedes-Benz, and their design department over at Maybach.

Go ahead and take a look at this private recording:

Et opslag delt af Sean Perelstein (@spjeweler) den

The heir to the throne of exuberance, created by the Maybach 6 concept released last year, is a 6 meter (19.6ft) long, topless beauty. The art deco interior and the sumptuous leather seats, the walnut panel dashboard and the blue LED glow around everything is the stuff of dreams. If Gordon Gekko - scratch that - if Jordan Belfort could pick any car to cart the Dutchess around, this would be it.

The entire center console of the car is lit up with blue wires, showing the energy flow from the front mounted 750hp electric engine with a 500km (310mi) range to the rear wheels. The dashboard is illuminated by a massive widescreen touchscreen.

The Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a true work of art, and an homage to times past with big V-12 engines and understated cruisers. This is a modern, electric show-off car and I like it.

Even better yet, it will actually be produced. We didn't believe it either, but according to Mercedes, a full 300 cars will be produced.

Pricing is still TBA, but we assume it'll be in between the Maybach 62S at $492.000 and the Maybach 72 Landaulet at $1.300.000. Stay tuned for an update. Meanwhile, enjoy this autopornography: